Past projects

 Project name

Project number Principal Investigator Duration

Effect of group variability factors on the perception of speaker personality

PRVOUK P10 Jan Volín 2012-2016

Cognitive load in processing speech with foreign accent

GAČR 14-08084S Jan Volín 2014-2015
Speaker-specific characteristics in Czech and their potential applicability in forensic phonetic
GAČR 406/12/0298 Radek Skarnitzl 2012-2014
Articulatory analysis of Czech speechsounds, speechsound combinations, and of articulatory
GAČR 406/12/0300 Pavel Machač 2012-2013
New innovative methods for high-quality synthesis of Czech speech GAČR 102/09/0989  Jindřich Matoušek (ZČU Plzeň), Pavel Machač 2009-2011
Sound to Sense MRTN-CT-2006-035561  Sarah Hawkins (University of Cambridge), Jan Volín 2007-2011
Notions of phonetic description in relation to acoustic, perceptual and articulatory characteristics of speech GAČR 405/05/0436 Zdena Palková 2005-2007
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