Graduate (MA) study

The double-major magisterial Phonetics programme follows up on the bachelor Phonetics programme (or another programme with a similar focus). The knowledge of the main aspects is thus expected, and further developed in this study programme.

The single-major magisterial Phonetics programme is designed primarily for students whose Bachelor degree is not in phonetics but in another language, or possibly related fields such as psychology or information science. This programme provides students with the essential foundation for work in various areas dealing with human speech, while also preparing students for the doctoral level.

Major study areas include:

  • thorough knowledge about speech production and perception
  • theoretical and practical orientation in problems related to speech communication
  • practical skills in auditory analysis of speech and in one’s own speaking practice
  • knowledge of current research methods
  • skills and practical experience with computer processing of the speech signal
  • given one’s specialization advanced knowledge and skills in various interdisciplinary aspects of speech communication

Study plan (in Czech) – for double-major students who started between 2011 and 2013 and since 2014
     – for single-major students

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