Speech sound distortions in Czech children

Speech sound distortions in Czech children: the use of acoustic, articulatory, and perceptive analysis in speech-language therapy

Provider: GAČR (Czech Science Foundation)
Number: GAČR 23-05494S

Duration: 2023-2025

Principal Investigator: Tanja Kocjančič Antolík
Other participants from the Faculty of Arts: T. Bořil


Functional speech sound disorders (FSSD) represent the most frequent pediatric speech disorder. Currently, the diagnosis relies exclusively on the auditory-perceptual assessment of a patient’s speech performed by a speech-language therapist. The assessment typically reveals which speech sounds are affected and defines the type of error, but it does not seek to identify the exact articulatory mechanisms of the noted error. However, to select the most appropriate therapy procedures, it is necessary to understand the impaired articulatory mechanisms. This can be most reliably achieved via objective acoustic and articulatory analysis. The proposed project will explore current practices in diagnosing speech sound distortions in Czech children with FSSD, collect a large acoustic and articulatory corpus of distortions and standard productions of target sounds, and compare auditory-perceptive, acoustic and articulatory data. This will allow the development of two new clinical tools: a protocol for acoustic analysis and a reference articulatory and acoustic database.

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