Prosodic expression of information structure

Prosodic expression of utterance information structure in Czech

Provider: GAČR (Czech Science Foundation)
Number: GAČR 24-10905S

Duration: 2024-2026

Principal Investigator: Jan Volín
Other participants from the Faculty of Arts: T. Bořil, N. Paillereau, R. Skarnitzl, M. Svatošová, P. Šturm, R. Šimík, A. Staňková


Long and rich tradition of Czech research in information structure of utterances provided inspiration for the project. While previous studies were generally based on their authors’ intuitions about language, illustrated by invented examples, informal observations or written texts, we intend to test various hypotheses in behavioural speech experiments and corpora of communicatively produced speech material. Thorough acoustical measurements, rigorous experiments in line with current conventions of empirical research and on-line observations of cerebral speech processing with the use of EEG and NIRS methods are to verify or amend the claims proposed in recent literature. The project will thus provide reliable data on Czech as produced and perceived by its current users.

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