The library of the Institute of Phonetics is a specialized library located with the premises of the institute, mostly in room 13.

Most books are only provided for study, not for borrowing.

The library contains ca. 2,500 books, most of them in English, and journals like Language and SpeechJournal of Phonetics or Phonetica, as well as the Czech journals Slovo a slovesnost and Naše řeč. Recent issues of foreign journals are only available online.

Thematic orientation

  • general phonetics and phonology, speech acquisition and speech pathology, second language acquisition
  • applied areas (acoustic phonetics and speech technology, forensic phonetics, conversation analysis)
  • sound patterns of a specific language or languages
  • techniques of speech elocution
  • related disciplines (linguistic, psychological etc.)

Other information can be found on the webpage of the Library of the Faculty of Arts.

Librarians: Radek Skarnitzl a Pavel Šturm, room No. 13

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Electronic Resources

Charles University has at its disposal a relatively large database of electronic resources. Click here for an alphabetical list.

Scientific journals can be searched at this address.

Searching using key words is most effective using the Discovery service which searches through several databases at the same time.

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