Current projects

Project name Project number Principal Investigator Duration
Prosodic Phrase in Current Spoken Czech: Meaning, Balance, Stochastic Patterns GAČR 21-14758S Jan Volín 2021-2013
Semantics and intonation of the early 20th century Czech verse GAČR 20-15650S Robert Kolár 2020-2022
Instrument for teaching the sound patterns of Czech to non-native speakers, with emphasis on applying ICT TL02000480 Jitka Veroňková 2019-2021
KREAS EFRD CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/
Mirjam Friedová 2018-2022
Acquiring a quantity language: infants’ input and perceptual processing of vowel length PRIMUS/17/HUM/19 FF Kateřina Chládková 2018-2022

Language in the shiftings of time, space, and culture

PROGRES 4 Petr Čermák 2017-2021
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