Czech in non-native and native speakers

Phonetic properties of Czech in non-native and native speakers’ communication

Provider: GAČR (Czech Science Foundation)
Number: GAČR 18-18300S

Duration: 2018-2020

Principal Investigator: Jitka Veroňková
Other participants from the Faculty of Arts: T. Bořil, Z. Palková, P. Poukarová (ÚČNK)


The aim of the project is to identify the role that selected phonetic features of the Czech language play in native listeners’ assessment of foreigners’ speech. It compares the speech of speakers of different mother tongues and levels of fluency in Czech, Czech listeners’ evaluation of their speech and instrumental analysis. From the theoretical perspective, the project will mainly focus on the effects of stable or variable phenomena in native speakers’ language performance and mutual relations of segmental and prosodic characteristics in the evaluation.

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