Transcription Assignment

Download a handout for your transcription assignment here (soon). All handouts are saved as a ZIP file – you will find which one is yours in this table.

Install the fonts and phonetic keyboard tool (see Phonetic transcription on computers). All transcriptions will be done using a computer. Your task will be to transcribe a short text in the pronunciation of a Standard British English speaker. This will be done in several steps. First, transcribe the text in phonemic transcription. Gradually, as you learn about the phonetics of English, you will be adding allophonic detail. Allophones will be added into the phonemic transcription (no special line).

Basic information on transcribing the sounds of English can be found here.

The course of work is up to you, but we strongly recommend that you follow the rough guidelines below, and/or our announcements in classes. We provide a demo version of the transcription assignments: winter semester and summer semester. You can also practice on the exercise page.

Transcription assignment guidelines (winter semester):
Week 4: start transcribing the phonemic transcription
Week 8: start transcribing the allophones listed under a) and b) in the handout (aspiration, devoicing, pre-fortis shortening); these are part of the second Progress Check.
Week 9: do part d), adding the different types of stop releases
Week 11: start adding dark ‘l’ and dentalization, the allophones listed under c)

Transcription assignment guidelines (summer semester, single-subject students only):
Week 2: start transcribing the phonemic transcription
Week 3: start predicting the presence or absence of linking phenomena
Week 4: start predicting prosodic boundary phrases
Week 6: put in stress marks to indicate stress group boundaries