English Phonetics and Phonology

Welcome to the course page of English Phonetics and Phonology!

Teachers: Radek Skarnitzl (room No. 13), Pavel Šturm (room No. 12) & Lea Tylečková (room No. 13; consultations Wed 15.00-15.45)

Important information

  • Partial course results are available in the SIS.

Summer semester 2019-2020 requirements

April 7 Transcription assignment submission (single-subjects only) prediction of linking, stress groups, and prosodic phrases
(print out and bring to class / room 15)
April 21 Exam Test 1 (single-subjects only) phonemic transcription of connected speech
April 28 Listening assignment submission (all students) realized linking + weak forms (send by email)
May 5 Exam Test 2 (single-subjects only) allophonic transcription of real speech (RP speaker)


Winter semester 2019-2020 requirements

October 29/30 Test 1 speech organs
November 12/13 Progress check 1 (Listening Assignment) evaluation of your /e æ/ vowels in Praat
December 3/4 Progress check 2 (Transcription Assignment) prediction of plosive and fortis/lenis allophones in Word
December 10/11 Test 2 phoneme parameters (phonetic features)
December 18 Transcription Assignment submission print out and bring to room 15
January 3 Listening Assignment submission send by email to your seminar teacher

Course syllabi

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